Professional cooking classes

This is a professional session cooking course, taken  by Chef Biagio Longo and Chef Enrico Cosentino. They will bring you through the cuisine of the ancient Rome , The Medieval cuisine and the cuisine after Christofer Columbus.

The course is taken at Villa Capo Santa Fortunata, a Villa of ‘600 where you will share the best memories with the deepest emotions , you enjoy cooking but also by walking through the gardens you will enjoy the silences of the sea , its breeze coming from the Faraglioni Rocks of Capri Island and the scent of orange blossom and lemons.

This course is based on three days lessons, which during the first day will be illustrated the ancient Roman cuisine, starting by the history than with the preparations of the bread in all its shapes. The Garum sauce, one of the oldest sauce made by anchovies and olive oil, used from the Romans as seasoning of many first and second dishes. Than the preparation of many different sauces. You will finally prepare ” La Tavola dei Romani” The Roman table , an historical Lunch, where you will have a choice of two menus to prepare.

The second day will be about the Medieval cuisine, talking about the table and his habits, the first forms of etiquette “galateo” than you will be preparing different meats in so many ways.

The third and last class of this course is about the Cuisine after Christofer Columbus where you will prepare a Bourbon menu, a French menu and at last a popolar Italian menu.

Each lessons lasts for about 7 hours , from 9 am to about 4/5 pm.

You will tasting all the food while preparing it with your Chefs. You will have several break to relax for a minute , taste the food and have a good glass of wine.

At the end of the three days you will receive a certificate of the course taken with the two master Chef : Longo and Cosentino

The cost of this course is 1.500 euro per person.

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