Chef Biagio Longo

Chef Biagio Longo a tall and sturdy man with hands big enough to easily knead 4 pounds of fresh pasta. Published on Detroit Free Press!


biagio longoBiagio is our lead native Italian chef, was born in Corsano, Lecce (Puglia) in the south of Italy. At the age of 17, he left his family and went to Sorrento just outside of Naples, where he found his vocation and his love for cooking. Naturally, his first cooking experiences and bases for learning were cultivated in his mother’s kitchen and from his native culture. He developed his love for cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables utilizing the same ancient family recipes passed down for generations. Moving from home to follow his passion for cooking, he attended the Culinary Cooking School in the city of “Piano Di Sorrento” on the Sorrentine Peninsula. There he developed and perfected his cooking techniques, learning at the feet of the famous Master Italian chefs. From there he continued his education at the prestigious culinary school, “Hotels City School,” which took him right on to the most celebrated hotel kitchens in the leading European cities including Brussels, Dusseldorf,London and Berlin where his son Giuseppe Longo opened a Restaurant named after Mami Camilla. Click here Mami Camilla One notable event during his thirty years of international culinary experience, was the opening of his first restaurant in 1981. An unmitigated success, the space of less than ten years saw Biagio opening his third restaurant. However, sitting behind a desk did not suit a man with such a love for cooking.He left the world of entrepreneurship and returned to his original passion: traveling the world looking for ways to improve his art. His resume includes the best known hotels and restaurant companies throughout Italy, Europe, and North America. Biagio has also worked on some of the most elegant cruise ships in the world. Some other notable honors: Guided the towns of Sorrento and Sant’Agnello through several successful culinary exhibitions during local tourist fairs. Acting consultant and production supervisor for several small specialty foods factories. His expertise has many levels: from improving the quality of the Neapolitan mozzarella, to introducing new tomato sauces, even the preparation of an exclusive recipe for the production of fruit jams today sold under private label. Mr Raymond Avanzino, Hilton former president was writing me: Your father, Biagio, has distinguished himself once again. Everyone loves him and he is a big star in Nevada. Here is our new website. Enjoy. Click here Arte Italia Master chef Agostino Longo learn from the past to create the future