Odilia mini course

Odilia Mini Course

Our most basic course, giving students the opportunity to learn three basic menus, starting with an appetizer, and closing with a typical dessert. This course will consist of three cooking lessons over three different days. Usually takes on Monday – Wednesday – Friday from 3,30 pm until dinner is served (about 8,00pm) An example of the week, the recipes you may learn and the experience may wait for you, attending the this course is outlined below: Day One; Monday: The first class you will learn how to prepare fresh pasta or the famous “gnocchi alla sorrentina ”. You will make the dough, cut it, and shape it. We will then prepare a traditional fish dish – what kind of dish depends on what Neptune gives us from the sea.

If the market has less than ideal offerings, we can prepare “baccala ”, a dry salt cod. We will soak it and then bake it in the oven with olive oil, garlic, sliced potatoes, black olives, capers, and cherry tomatoes. Since no dinner is complete without dessert, we will show you how to make such delights as Tiramisu, Caprese, and Millefoglie alla Nocciola , using ingredients ranging from chocolate and coffee cream to walnuts. This is the best formula to create a relaxed environment, meet and socialize with your classmates introducing yourself. We will then sit on long wooden table in an Mami Camilla’s big living room to relax and have a good time over a warm dinner. Day Three and Five; Tuesday and Thursday: Free days: Your class program preview a break, during this pause you can rest, go to the beach, or start examining our detailed excursion or cultural and gastronomy tours for ideas to use on your time free.

Wednesday: Return to the class. This time you will focus your attention on the preparation of the following: Neapolitan Sfizi: The word Sfizi comes from something that is enjoyable to do or something that makes you happy. Crochette: Mashed potatoes with ham, mozzarella cheese, and basil, covered with bread crumbs and lightly fried like an Italian-style tempura. Arancini: Balls of rice filled with meat or ham, sweet green peas, parmesan cheese, and covered with bread crumbs. Tender zeppolette di alghe: filled with a secret from the sea. Zucchini flowers: filled with ricotta and parmesan cheese among other things. You’ll then prepare the famous Pasta e Fagioli that is made either with fresh or dried beans depending on the season. For the finale you will make a dessert, but this time based on fruit, such as a fruit tart, fruit mousse, or Babà with fresh fruit. For dinner time at Mami Camilla everyone is welcome to participate, students, guest, family and friend, you will feel the protagonist of the night being the co-author of this special party.

 Friday: During this class you will prepare the last Dinner, based on delicacies from the sea. For example, we could fill a small boat-shaped plate full of seafood for a nice appetizer. We will continue on with the lesson, preparing the traditional southern Italian Risotto alla Pescatora. This dish is a direct descendent from the age of Spanish domination, since it resembles paella and does not relate to anything else in Italian cuisine. For the second course we will prepare an imperial calamaro (big squid) filled with different types of sea food, covered with a sweet cherry tomato sauce, and baked in the oven. We will complete the evening with a light cake and fruit cocktail. Day Seven; Saturday : Delivery of the exclusive apron and the recipe handbook including all the dishes made during your stay. * Note: the recipes mentioned above are just an example. Schedule may change according to the school needs or teacher requirements. The classes are in the afternoon starting at 3:30pm until 8pm and if we have a large amount of students attending the classes we will add an extra morning class starting at 11:30am.

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