Neapolitan pizza course

Pizza making is an art form.

First step: You will learn about the wood stove and it’s function. Mami Camilla cooking school operate this course with a small student friendly pizza oven adapt to clarify the basic concept. It will be explained how to prepare the oven, which woods are recommended to use and when the correct temperature is reached for the backing. Second step: You will learn the proper preparation of the pizza dough, the correct way to make it and also how to manipulate it to make the perfect pizza shape and crust. You will be explained, the adapt type of flour, yeast, rising times, acidity levels etc. Thirds step: The original different toppings used in the Neapolitan culture, as well as the secret of real genuine natural tomatoes sauce and mozzarella used only with fresh basil for the famous Margherita pizza art. Fourth step: The correct working method to handle pizza woods fire oven, the use of the different pale size; either for the meter pizza or to transport several medium size pizzas, and the ways to ensure the perfect cooking for a classic crisp crust.

GENERAL INFO: This is a completely hand on course, the teacher will demonstrate only in the first two or three classes, afterwards the students will be followed behind. The students will start by making 3 pizzas per hour. Our trainer will control and advise the improvements in terms of rapidity, perfection in the cooking grade, shape, and quantity of topping per pizza. He will care of correcting the mistake and let the students self motivate. Our promise is that in one week the students learn the basic knowledge of the Neapolitan pizza and its importance in our cuisine, as well as a complete range of pizza toppings, and how to create the original pizza taste and crust. The main goal of this program is reaching the right confidence into the students skills, relax, velocity and concentration in manipulating the dough, shaping it, dressing, and cooking it. But most important ! The passion has to increase, at the point that the student once back home, needs to fell the desire to practice and develop the ability acquired.

The maximum numbers of students allowed per class is 4. The course provide repetition of these basics steps for a maximum of 10 classes (Monday to Friday) for two weeks from 11,30 to 13,30. For those students that wish to become professional pizza maker, externship programs are available by Mami Camilla Pizzeria. At least one week course is recommended for beginners. If you are looking for accommodation in Sorrento, Please contact Laura at Mami Camilla and she will provide the best accommodation solution for you.

 Waiting to eat your Neapolitan Pizza!


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