Neapolitan patisserie course

Italian Sweet Life.

Each class you will be learning how to make two different types of authentic Neapolitan and Mediterranean desserts which will help you master basic pastry techniques, formulas and processes. You will learn how to handle a pastry bag and how to make the five main doughs, Puff and short bread pastry, different traditional custards and filling and the option of one lesson on Gelato and Semi freddo.

This hands on Patisserie course provides expert tuition and top quality local produce. Basically in one week the students will learn 10 different pastries.

Examples of the delicacies you will learn: Semifreddo alle Mandorle , Pastiera Napoletana, Cannoli…

The second week if needed provide repetition of these basics give the students more confidence in their skills, learning the construction of a recipe by grasping the basics of pastry, our trainer will control and advise the improvements in terms. The attendance is a daily 2 hour class for five days per week.

The price of the course is referred to in our price list.