Neapolitan Pasta course

Pasta making is part of Italian life.

The class will begin by learning how to make fresh pasta from scratch, learning the true Italian method of this staple dish. You will then learn how to cut and roll the pasta you have made in order make several varieties, then you will be taught how to create an array of sauces suitable for various types of pasta, culminating in a range of wonderful dishes. Each class you will be learning how to make two different types of authentic Italian pasta. This hands on pasta making course provides expert tuition and top quality local produce. Basically in one week the students learn the basic knowledge of the Neapolitan pasta and its importance in our cuisine, as well as a complete range of different pasta and sauces. The week after provide repetition of these basics give the students more confidence in their skills, our trainer will control and advise the improvements in terms . The attendance is a daily 2 hour class for five days per week. The price of the course is referred to in our price list.