Maestro Ago

Prendi l’arte e mettila da parte


maestro agoIn Italian we say (take the art and keep it at part). Well that’s what Agostino made in the last five years. He is taking over what Biagio acquired in more then thirty years of experience and is now going to become the first chef of Mami Camilla cooking school. These are his specializations : traditional patisserie, gelato production, traditional neapolitan and mediterranean cuisine, pizzeria and bakery. Agostino, 35 years old, has one daughter (bebe Camilla), and has been a student of Biagio since (forever). In his conservative culinary education, he always looks forward to introducing new creations. With his students, he doesn’t miss the chance to joke while he transmits strong emotion and passion for the good cuisine and for creating delicious and delicate dishes. Ago believes that in our work, the relationship with people is the most important thing. When students and guests, who daily cook and eat with him appreciate what has been produced, then there is no higher satisfaction.