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Students from Le Cordon Blu School, Culinary School or anyone else who wish to become professional chefs and anyone else with passion for good and healthy food, should apply to our Mediterranean and Neapolitan culinary arts program. Our master chef is a member of the Italian food Federation and thanks to its influence with local restaurants and hotels, we can provide externship opportunities in Italy.This program will insure you an improvements on your knowledge, bringing you to a successful career. The basic background and training is provided within Mami Camilla, where our specialist will coach you and make sure you will get to know the knowledge and secrets of the simplest Italian cuisine. We invite students of all age, our students range has been from 18 to well into their 70’s.Upon the completion of your degree, consider Italian Cooking Internship in Sorrento. Explore overseas opportunities to further your education. Choose the Mami Camilla programm which provides an outstanding opportunity to learn about Italian Culinary heritage at first hand. Your chef will show you how to present and design dishes which fulfil your inspirations. Many contents on the preparation of the Italian cuisine will be thought as the preparation of the fresh pasta homemade(every day), the original pizza preparation, sauces, gelato and many famous pastries. This period is requested to evaluate your progress, presenting you to prospective employers with a guarantee on your skills. Every Day, from Monday to Friday, from 3:30 pm to 8:00 pm, you will be preparing a four course meal: -Appetizer -Pasta Dish -Second course meat or fish -Dessert During the classes the Chef will follow from behind and guide you through the art of traditional southern Italian cooking, specifically those dishes rooted in our culture and way of life.After your first 4 weeks of cooking classes at Mami Camilla you will have the possibility to finish your required hours in one of our affiliated restaurant in Sorrento. So you can complete your internship in one of the restaurants: Ristorante Il Buco Ristorante TassoOur promise is: – Teach the Italian cooking culture – Giving a complete confidence in your skills – Develope an excellent behavior into a professional culinary environment, maintaining a relaxing working feeling.

Students interested may talk with our externship representative Laura Longo before applying Email: Laura Longo 

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