Italian Cooking school

The Italian cooking school is located in Sorrento, runs all year and all classes are taught in English and Italian and every day you will learn a different menu. Most of the dishes chosen can be easily made at home and the ingredients can generally be found in your country of origin. They are surprisingly simple to prepare yet are unforgettably flavourful and will have a profound effect on your future guests. Your program will give a balanced knowledge to acquire the principal techniques for dressing the plates, making the fresh dough for pasta, pizza and bread, learn about fish, vegetables meat and legumes, ending by creating fresh and delicate pastry.

Select one of the following course that most fit for your needs, interest, expectations and budgets: The following Courses are taught in English and every day You will learn a different menu: Odilia: Our most basic course, gives students the opportunity to learn three basic menus, starting with an appetizer, and closing with a typical dessert. This course will consist of three lessons over three different days and include 5 evening meals. Laura: This course gives the student the opportunity to learn five complete menus and include 6 evening meals. Camilla: Six lessons in one week plus two more classes focused on teaching of speciality food products and local liquors. After four weeks, Laura and Camilla programs give the possibility to proceed to an internship program in italian cuisine in one of our affiliated restaurants and hotels .

Through our courses you will not only have the opportunity to understand the simplicity of the Neapolitan and Mediterranean cuisine and the healthy benefits that it provides or the basic tools used and how to handle it but you will also learn: The oldest and traditional recipes of our culinary heritage, the techniques used by our ancestors to conserve food and preserve the original flavours and aromas of all the different types of fruits and vegetables. We will teach you how to prepare seafood and fresh fish in a particular way, such as how to marinate fresh Mediterranean anchovies, salmon and swordfish.

We will pick you up everyday from your hotel and take you to our cooking school in Sorrento to learn all of this.