Gelato course

Just one more Ice Cream. Give it to me…

Participants learn about the ingredient’s that are essential for the perfect Ice cream (Gelato), followed by the techniques necessary to produce personalized flavours. Let yourself be enticed by the Mediterranean flavours of ice cream.

You can also learn about Sorbets, Water Ices, Semifreddo cakes, Mousses, and yoghurt tart. This is a 3 class program which concentrates mainly on the art of gelato making, it also outlines the parameters necessary for the operation of a gelato business for both single and multiunit enterprises. Perfect texture… Intense flavour… Freshly made daily… They taste creamy but have no dairy in them at all. Watermelon, Grapefruit, and Lemon are a favourite combo. The products used are mainly fruit and basic essence which can be found at home.

The Teacher is friendly and will let you taste anything you do. Invite all your friends one night at Mami Camilla to give them little bites of flavours of your gelato. Suggestion for ice cream machine for the home cook will be provided for you to create delicious fresh ice cream, sorbet, frozen drinks with the capacity acquired at the school.

This course can be offered in: One class of a estimated 2 hours. One week mini course of three classes for a total of a estimated 6 hours.

The mini course includes 6 dinners at Mami Camilla italian cooking school.

The price of the course is referred to in our price list.