Demonstration class

This class is highly recommended for clients such as: EDUCATIVE SCHOOL TOUR, Corporations or professional firms holding parties to entertain clients or facilitate internal team building. For groups that are travelling in Italy, cooking demonstration have proved to be a great alternative way to learn about the real Italian culture, cuisine, wine and life style.

Mami Camilla welcome to choose this formula as a great way to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or any engagements. How it works: First, we will decide the menu selections together from a collection of Neapolitan traditional dishes. You will then be hosted in our large rustic kitchen for a live experience of authentic Neapolitan cooking. The visual learning is an indispensable technique to understand the process of a plate made from scratch and to appreciate its quality. During the course, you will be offered samples of the ingredients used in preparation of the dishes, so you can realize the importance and freshness of the raw materials. In addition to watching the live demonstration, participants are encouraged to try out the state-of-the-art kitchen products equipping our kitchen. The price of the course is referred to in our price list.

So wait no further, contact us by phone or email and/or stop by for a visit to have a mini sample of this amazing and unique experience that we are proposing to you.