Camilla Intensive course

Camilla intensive weekly course.

This course has 6 cooking classes and 2 classes focused on teaching of specialty food products and local liquors. You will learn the techniques used to conserve food and preserve the original flavours and aromas of all the different types of fruits and vegetables that Mother Nature offers in this area during her four seasons. As we detailed above, agricultural purity and healthy eating are closely connected to each other.

In fact our ancestors, in order to have the benefits of the various fruits and vegetables available each year, found such successful methods of preserving these products that they were unable to consume the excess. Products like wines, conserved sauce, conserved vegetables, fruit juice, jam, delicatessen products, etc. are all made by various methods of preservation. We know that all these products are very important and that taking out preserved delicacies that your guests thought were out of season will leave them astonished at your next dinner party.

We will teach you how to utilize the oldest recipes, to pack vegetables like artichokes, eggplants, olives under olive oil, or how to prepare a delicious sauce. You will learn how to transform fresh basil into the finest pesto sauce, and how to prepare sauce ready- to-use from fresh sweet tomatoes.

Also we will teach you how to prepare surplus fruits to make unique jams or fruit juices to enjoy alone or in drink cocktails. We can also show you various digestive liquors to enjoy after dinner like “limocello”, made from the skins and juices of lemons and “nocillo”, produced from unripe walnut shells. Using the “bilberry”, a fruit that came from ancient Greece, you can create another kind of liquor that is legendary for its curative properties and was used to cure stomach infections. This course will consist of six lessons over six different days on cooking, usually from 3,30 until dinner is served (about 8,00pm) and two classes in morning schedule usually from 11,30 am to 1,30 pm. * Note: The 6 classes are in the afternoon starting at 3:30pm until 8pm, with 2 extra morning class starting at 11:30am.

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