who we are

biagio and camillaAn old-fashioned family born and raised among the Italian culinary arts, we have decided to transfer all our professional knowledge to the creation of Mamì’ Camilla’s kitchen and homemade gourmet food school. There are many ways to see the South of Italy. We’ll bring you with us, as part of our family, to see this special world through the lens of its food, its artisans, and its culinary traditions. More then ever we strongly believe in the importance of serving simple, healthy meals for you and/or your family-meals prepared with love and passion just as our Italian ancestors made them. The philosophy of the family business, turns all around the motherly hospitality, from which it naturally born the name of Mami Camilla. All family members direct their efforts to produce an offer of property who is immediately able to transmit (welcome home feeling). Its on this principle that our classes are based, focusing all our attention on following the traditional and straightforward Italian style to prepare various meals.