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Cooking for kids

A culinary adventure is waiting for kids at Mami Camilla School. Here at Mami Camilla kids are in the right place to attend healthy cooking classes with age appropriate menus. These days, without a doubt, more and more kids are interested in food and cooking. If you are looking for a highly regarded organization and licensed chefs which offer this service, there are a wide range of benefits for them.

We use organic and nutritious ingredients that local farmers bring to us everyday. We give them the possibility to learn a wide choice of dishes prepared during the lessons based on nutritional specialties which includes: homemade pasta, gnocchi, Tagliatelle, Tagliolini, and fresh dough for pasta to prepare delicious pizzas. They will learn how to cook: Milanese Cutlet, Scaloppine and different kinds of cakes: chocolate cake, orange cake, cream cake, the famous and traditional Grandmother Cake, the Margherita Cake, apple pie and many other specialties. Our kitchen will be the centre of the lesson activities where the young students can have an exclusive and amusing learning experience.

Kids will be able to learn basic cooking techniques, kitchen safety, food safety and how to follow recipe directions. After the lessons they will be able to enjoy the food they prepared with the other classmates. They will learn to be inventive because the chefs teach them how to cook originally. More and more kids are improving their eating habits because they are trying different kinds of food.

Our lessons allow kids to have fun with the help of the chefs who always lead their students step by step in the creation of the dishes. In other words we want to encourage kids to get into the world of culinary arts and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of our school where learning means fun and excitement!

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Cooking for kids

Cooking for kids

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