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sorrento weather

Choose your dream vacation based on your criteria, such as Festivals, Music, Cinema, Weather, and Cultural Events in and around Sorrento!


  1. New Years Eve is full of fireworks in the streets and special events in Sorrento.
  2. With the start of the New Year there are lively firework displays and a happy atmosphere.
Good Tips on the Weather:
The weather can be nice, but it can also be wet and chilly. Temperatures normally hover around 10 to 12 ºC ( 48-50Fº).


  1. Valentine's Day is particularly appreciated in Sorrento because it corresponds with our Patron Day's Saint Antonino. Downtown is transformed into a lively festival with music, special events, busy gift shops, love and more.
  2. Every year with the start of Carnival, Sorrento becomes a centre for masked fun and festivities in the streets. During the third week of this month, every joke is allowed, so you will notice children and others in the city doing all kinds of funny things. Good Tips on the Weather:
Good Tips on the Weather:
This is our transition month - it's the end of winter and the beginning of spring. We see a lot of flowers on the fruit trees. The weather can be nice, but it can also be wet and chilly. Temperatures normally hover around 12 to 16 ºC ( 55-60Fº).


  1. During this month you can dedicate yourself to preparing for summertime, and so can enjoy the Terme di Castellamare di Stabia, the only natural thermal park in the area, where there are 20 different kinds of mineral water. This thermal resource, a result of the active volcano Vesuvius, allows you to discover the healthy benefits of thermal treatment practiced here. You can select from many different treatments to regenerate your body and mind.
Good Tips on the Weather:
This is an unpredictable month but mostly getting warmer as the spring is approaching. Almost all the trees are flowering and have new foliage. There is still a risk of rain on-and-off and the temperature hovers between 14 and 18 C° (60-65 F°)


  1. This is the time of Easter, and Italy, as one of the main pillars of Catholicism, celebrates with particular attention throughout these holy weeks. All churches where a sepulchre is located have a procession that follows a historical tradition with artistic meaning.
Good Tips on the Weather:
This is a warmer sunny month. Everything is beautifully green, fruits are starting to develop on trees, asparagus abound! We can start eating out on the terrace and temperatures often stay above 20 - 22ºC (72-80 Fº). The chances of rain are much lower and you can wear short sleeves. You can start to sunbathe but the water is still too cold for swimming.


  1. This is a nice relaxing time for walking excursions into the surrounding hills, and visiting "La Casa dello Sbandito," located on the Nastro Azzuro route along the gulf of Salerno and Naples. Legends tell of this incredible old building situated between the sea and the sky, where, in the beginning of the century, people sentenced to life in jail had to work on the land to survive. Though this was hardly a vacation, it is hard to imagine a nicer area in which to be sentenced to life!
Good Tips on the Weather:
This is a sunny and warm month. Everything is colourful and we can smell the perfume of summer in the air! We eat out on the terrace and temperatures often stay above 22 - 24ºC (74-82 Fº). The chances of rain are much lower and you can wear short sleeves. You can also start to have quick swims.


  1. This is the time of the traditional festival called "Festabiente," a festival celebrating nature, with local products on display and for sale.
  2. In Monticchio, located in Massa Lubrenze just 20 minutes from Sorrento, there is the Patron Feast of Saint Peter and Paul, and here you can taste the famous escargots prepared with different sauces and spices.
Good Tips on the Weather:
This is one of the best months in Sorrento. It is the start of beach weather, fruit trees are starting to give lots of fruit, all kinds of vegetables are in the markets, and there are plenty of fresh fish for sale as the weather allows for fishing everyday. Everything is still green. Temperatures are usually around 24-28 ºC (80-87Fº).


  1. There is a Music Festival in this month with music in the most magnificent rooms of the most exclusive hotels of the area, just across from where we are located on Cocumella St. Several classic concerts are performed by the best artists in the area. In San Vito, located in Massa Lubrenze just 25 minutes from Sorrento, there is a fair where many different kinds of Zucchini are prepared.
  2. The Sorrento International Summer Music Festival is organized in the San Francesco kiosk.
  3. The Sea Festival In Sant'Agnello is a showplace where you can find unique artistic and sea crafts, such as various-sized model boats. There are several painting, sculpture, and other fine arts expositions. It is essential to eat some of the seafood meals cooked according to traditional, local recipes. Daily concerts by locals artists round out the festival.
  4. The Sea Festival of Sorrento in the mariner village of Marina Grande held in honor of Sant'Annna and is a catholic and cultural event. It begins with a procession by the faithful to commemorate this day of the blessed Mary, then a feast of gourmet seafood is enjoyed, followed by fireworks, concerts, dances, and more, to make this a most enjoyable way to spend a sweet summer night in Sorrento, the Mediterranean's soul.
Good Tips on the Weather:
This is a dry and hot summer month. All fruits are available and you can get a nice suntan. It is still not yet too crowded. It is a little warm for trekking. Temperatures are usually around 28-32 ºC (87-95Fº).


  1. In Schiazzano, located in Massa Lubrenze, there is the Saint Salvatore's Day Feast. During those days there is the exhibition of all kinds of fresh mozzarella made in this particular area, and other agricultural and local handmade products.
  2. In Piano di Sorrento, a different village in Sorrento, there is the Festival of the Melon, which celebrates the feast of the divine Assunta. This festival presents all the fresh fruits of the area.
  3. For the same festival, in the nearby town of Massa Lubrenze, you can watch the boat parade/regatta off the beach of "Marina della Lobra." While watching the boats, you can enjoy the various seafood specialties being served on the pier.
  4. You can celebrate at a festival for the blessed Mary in Casarlano, a little mountain village in the hills of Sorrento. At this festival they cook the best "salciccia," Neapolitan sausages, with eggplant and zucchini.
  5. In Maiano, a small village in the hills of Sant'Agnello, there is the Saint Rocco Meatball Fair.
  6. At the end of the month is the Lemon Fair in Massa Lubrenze.
  7. This month features many cultural and artistic events where local and international art is celebrated, and drama and music are performed.
  8. This month features many summer sports competitions, such as beach volleyball and soccer, and water activities such as scuba diving, sailing, and windsurfing.
  9. This month is also the best time for beach parties and barbecues. The most popular nights for this are August 10, "San Lorenzo," and August 15, "Ferragosto."
Good Tips on the Weather:
This is the heart of the summertime. Everything looks and tastes its best. The temperature of the sea is warm and the Mediterranean atmosphere is unique. Temperatures are usually around 30-32 ºC (87-95Fº).


  1. In Sant'Agnello there is one of the oldest festivals in the peninsula. The festival in "Colli di Fontanella" is the goodbye party for the summer, celebrating the start of autumn. Many homemade delicacies are prepared and presented at this fair.
  2. In Meta di Sorrento, there is the "Alimuri Fair," which is a revival of the historical disembarking of the Saracens in the Sorrentine peninsula. The old town and tower are rebuilt as well as a boat modelled after the Saracen original. This unique show also corresponds with celebrations to the Holy Blessed Mary of Lauro, the Virgin protector of the village, so the whole town is one big celebration.
Good Tips on the Weather:
As the last month of summer, most Italian holidaymakers are back to work and children back in school. It is still beach weather. It is the beginning of the grape harvest and the temperatures are usually around 25-30 ºC (87-92Fº).


  1. Next to Sorrento, in Priora, there is the Festival of the Grapes and therefore you will enjoy local Italian wine and experience the whole Italian wine production process. This fair is always followed by a classical meal from the old Neapolitan culinary tradition.
  2. Perched upon one of the highest mountains in southern Italy, the town of Faito is only half-an-hour from our school. In Faito is the Chestnut Festival, where you can try all kinds of variously prepared chestnuts which can only be found in this mountain area.
Good Tips on the Weather:
This is a great month for cooking classes! It is the beginning of the olive harvest and the pressing of the new oils, and lots of mushrooms are in season. Temperatures are usually around 18-25 ºC (80-87Fº) but get cooler after the middle of the month


  1. This is the main time for olive oil production, and we will walk into one of the biggest olive harvests of the peninsula. You will see to the steps of the oil production process, as well as the historical origins of the basic products of the Mediterranean diet.
  2. At the end of this month, there is the preparation of the Manger in the main church and cathedral of the Naples region. This is an old tradition, so we will go to San Gregorio Armeno, one of the oldest Neopolitan towns, to witness this tradition of preparing and arranging this religious scenes.
Good Tips on the Weather:
This is a transitional month between fall and winter. You will see more clouds and sometimes snow on the top of Mt. Vesuvius. The weather can be nice in the morning but chilly at night, when you can warm yourself in front of our kitchen fire. Normally temperatures hover around 12 to 16 ºC ( 55-60Fº).


  1. Christmas in Sorrento is beautiful with the street lights like jewels and Piazza Tasso has a large Christmas tree.
  2. Every year the shops are decorated and contain gifts and Christmas speciality foods.
  3. The churches have beautiful creations of the Nativity scene.
Good Tips on the Weather:
This is our Winter month – It is cold and sometimes we see snow on top of Mount Vesuvius . The weather can be nice, but it can also be wet and chilly. Temperatures normally hover around 10 to 12 ºC ( 48-50Fº).

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