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Casa Susy

Our associated B&B “Casa Susy”, become a partner of Mamì Camilla, due to the corresponding characteristics in the family atmosphere. In a conforming management which guarantees the quality of our clients stay in this renovated and welcoming home.

Their criteria in terms to pleasing the guests and their continuing assistance, fulfil the criteria that we require, i.e. you feel at home, as part of an Italian Family. Here you will find the simplicity of an honest and complete family, predisposed to working and enjoying life with you, which in our personal experience and opinion represent the key success of this new environment in the tourist activity.

The B&B is located on the third floor of a town house, and is composed of four large double bed rooms with private, independent bathrooms inside the rooms. All the rooms have new beds, balcony, chair or sofa, table and wardrobe. The bedrooms have views of the green garden and Mediterranean plants and in the distance three have views of the Mount Vesuvius and the blue sea.

Surrounded by the historical centre of Sant’Agnello di Sorrento. The location guarantees a quiet and relaxed vacation, deeply immersed in the old, traditional culture of this town.
Walking to the beaches, market and or public transport, you will discover faces of happy people, which feel proud to host in their neighbourhood people from all over the world. The centre of Sorrento is 15/20 minutes walking distance, and few minutes by train or bus, for more details on the location please view the detailed map and ‘where we are’.

The large kitchen with balcony and small sea view, offer a peaceful breakfast, of natural and fresh ingredients prepared by Mama Susi and Mama Camilla.

S.Agnello di Sorrento,Naples Italy
Tel+39 081 8782067
Fax+39 081 8774574

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