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Internship Opportunities

EXTERNSHIP PROGRAM Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to bring my knife kit?
No, although if you prefer your own knives, we recommend bringing only your chef's knife and paring knife. Please remember to put these items in your checked baggage.

Which airport should I arrange my flight to arrive to?
Naples or Napoli airport is the closest airport to Mami Camilla. Naples airport is locate about 34 miles (54 kilometers) North of Mami Camilla.

What do I wear at Mami Camilla?
During your kitchen classes, you should wear your chef pants, t-shirt, hat/bandana, kitchen shoes, and apron.

What will I wear during my work placement?
There are several possibilities for your work placement site. Different sites have different requirements for your uniform. The typical uniform is a white t-shirt and kitchen pants. You should bring with you 2-3 chef coats, incase your work placement site requires you to wear your coat. There are shops in Sorrento that specialize in clothing for cooks, where you can purchase nice chef coats, pants, and kitchen shoes.

Where will I do my laundry?
Unfortunately, Mami Camilla does not have laundry facilities on site. However, the nearest laundrette is about a 10 minute walk from Mami Camilla. At the laundrette you can purchase your detergeant and everything you need.

Does Mami Camilla have free wi-fi?
Yes, we have free wi-fi available for guests to use in the lobby and garden areas. Many students bring their own laptops to stay in touch with family and friends in the US. offers an inexpensive option for international calling.

Should I bring my cell phone?
This is entirely up to you. First get in touch with your cell phone provider and find out if your phone will work in Italy, and what the additional cost will be for usage of calls & texting. Often this is expensive. If you must have a cell phone, another option would be to get a pre-paid cell phone once you arrive to Italy. This is a relatively inexpensive option. Popular options are Movistar, Vodafone, & Orange. Typically students go without their cell phones for the duration of their stay in Italy. If you choose to do this, check with your cell phone company about putting your account on hold. Often students take advantage of the inexpensive rates offers. You can call internationally from computer to computer or computer to cell phone/or landline. Students in the past have also used an item called magic-jack that works well internationally too.

Can I apply for financial aid?
Mami Camilla does not offer financial aid or scholarships. Often students seek out the financial aid department at their school or a private lender to obtain funding for the Mami Camilla Externship.

When do I pay total amount due to Mami Camilla?
Your total amount is due the day you arrive. If you chose to pay the day you arrive, we accept VISA, MASTERCARD or CASH.If you fail to present payment upon arrival you will not be able to stay at Mami Camilla.

How much do I pay?
Please see your Enrollment Confirmation form. will give you the most current exchange rates. The EURO is the currency in Italy.

What exactly is the SHARED MIXED DORMITORY lodging option?
The Shared Mixed Dorm is a room with two or three bunk beds where you will share the room with other students and/or short-term travelers. This dormitory style room is mixed (male and female) and there is only one bathroom in common. The room is cleaned daily, fresh bed linens are provided and changed every week. Towels are provided and changed every two days. Important Notice: Longer stays students may be required to change beds or room assignments in respect to the internal administration plans and needs. Students choosing dormitory solution should pack light, maximum 20kg (45lbs) luggage- space is limited .

Do I need to do anything in particular before I arrive in Italy to start the Mami Camilla Externship?
You must complete and return your enrollment confirmation form. You must purchase your airline tickets. If you are a US citizen, you will only need a passport. If you are a citizen of a different nation, check with your local embassy to see if you need a tourist VISA.

Do I need a Visa?
A visa is not necessary if you are a US citizen and staying in Italy for less than 90 days. If you wish to stay for longer than 90 days, you may obtain a tourist visa, although these are very difficult to obtain. Give yourself 6 months to 1 year prior to your departure to allow enough time for the paperwork. See your local Italian embassy for complete details. If you are a citizen of a country other than the US and intend to come to Mami Camilla for your externship, please check with your local embassy to see if a visa is necessary for your travels or contact Luigi Caso

What else must I do before I come to Mami Camilla?
Notify your financial companies of your travels. If you fail to do so, your accounts may be flagged and frozen. Also, ask your bank or credit card companies if there are international transaction fees. Find out what the fees are. Bring phone numbers (international) of these companies with you incase of any issue.

Are there ATMs in Italy?
Yes, there are several ATMs with in 10-15 minute walk from Mami Camilla.

Can I travel during my stay in Italy?
Yes, please take advantage of your time in Italy. However, arrange your traveling during your off days, or until the end of your work placement commitment. It is your responsibility to arrange your schedule.

Can I apply anytime of the year?
Yes, we accept applications at anytime of year. You are free to start whenever you like as long as we have the availability. Please keep in mind that it is up to you to be mindful of your externship requirements. We have students from all over the world who come to Mami Camilla. Some come for fun, while others must fulfill an externship with specific requirements. All culinary schools have different requirements. It is up to the student to make sure they have their requirements met and fulfilled.

What's the best way to travel in Italy?
Public transportation in Italy is very safe and popular, as well as economical. There are local trains and buses in Sorrento as well as trains that connect to train lines that will take you to Rome or as far as Venice or Milan. is one website of many that can help you with your travels.

Do I need to bring my own bedding?
No. Bedding is provided by Mami Camilla and is changed weekly.

Where am I going to live?
Mami Camilla is a bed and breakfast and cooking school. You will have a room at Mami Camilla, which will be your home for the duration of your stay.

Can I take part in the Mami Camilla Externship with a friend or with my boyfriend?
Yes, if you wish to be roommates, please make note of that in your application. If you forgot to put the information in your application, email

Can I use my credit card in Italy?
Yes, although many places accept CASH only. This is especially true in small towns. There are ATMs available just as they are in the US.

What else should I bring?
An English to Italian dictionary or phrasebook is helpful. Shoes for walking, sun block, sun glasses, bathing suit, mosquito spray, and adapters in case you bring electronics. Please visit a radio shack or target where you get the correct adaptor for your electronics. Please keep in mind you need to get a special adapter for electronics that produce heat ex.) blow dryer or iron. If bringing a laptop, these also need specific adapters. If you don't have the correct adapter you will harm your electronics and possibly cause the building to lose electricity for a small amount of time. Notebook, digital camera, pens/pencils, and books on the region of Campania, Italy are also necessities.Please remember to pack light. Towels are provided at Mami Camilla for bathing. Beach towels can be purchased at an inexpensive cost at the open markets. If you forget anything, do not worry there are stores, markets, and farmacias nearby that will fulfill all your needs. Please see the link below for weather and festival details:

Will somebody pick me up from the airport?
If you wish to arrange a private pick up at the airport to Mami Camilla, this can be arranged at an extra cost. Please visit the website for details, or email to place your pick-up reservation. The CURRERI bus service is available, which is an economical option. You will find the CURRERI bus stop right outside the Naples airport doors. Cash (EURO) is needed for payment to Curreri. Please exchange money at airport your airport of origin or at the Naples airport. If your baggage does not arrive when you do, it may be delayed due to your flight transfer. Please go to the baggage counter with your baggage tag and the address of Mami Camilla. They will deliver your baggage to Mami Camilla in the next few days. This is an uncommon occurrence although you should be prepared for it. Pack what you NEED in your carry-on bag.

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