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Cooking Internship

To add your feedback on your Internship at Mami Camilla :
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Comments from students who completed their internship at Mami Camilla:

Dear Chef Biagio, Camilla, Laura, Delia & Augustino,

Thank you so much for a wonderful time at Mami Camilla. I enjoyed my time there very much. I am sorry I was only there for 6 weeks. I wish my externship could have been longer. I learned so much in the kitchen. The techniques and traditions behind each of the dishes I will always remember. Everything was so delicious. I felt so welcome and appreciate very much getting to know each of you and feeling like part of the family. You are all wonderful and I can not wait to come back to Sorrento some day and see you again. Next time I come I promise my Italian will be better. I want to keep studying what Ester taught me and learn the language.

I will definitely have to come back when the weather is better since so much of my time there was rain and cold. Even though the weather was bad I still enjoyed everything very much. It gave me a better opportunity to spend time with people and focus more on learning in the kitchen.
If there is ever anything I can do for any of you please let me know. I hope you all had a wonderful Natale and have a great time celebrating the new year.
All the Best,

Christine Gardner
2010 Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Atlanta, GA

I just left Mami Camilla which has been my second home for the last 3 months. I already miss the entire Longo family especially little Nico who was not even walking yet when I first arrived at Mami's. Chef Biagio is a wonderful chef and instructor. He and Palmira taught me a lot about Neopolitan cuisine and I will forever be grateful for the wonderful experience and his family's generosity. Through Chef Biagio's connections, I was able to do my restaurant externship at a Michelin-1 star restaurant in Sorrento, Il Buco. The experience at Il Buco is priceless and I will forever treasure all the wonderful chefs I've had the pleasure of working with at Il Buco. This amazing experience wouldn't have been possible if it was not for Chef Biagio's help. I love you Chef! Ever so grateful

Mirabella Kamm
2010 Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, San Fransisco, CA

The experiences I had at Mami Camilla has been extremely beneficial to me personally and in my work at Vivere, The Italian Village in Chicago, IL. I am always referring back to the skills and the recipes that I obtained in the three months I spent at Mami Camilla for new ideas. I strongly recommend to any culinary student who has a love for the italian life-style to spend some time in Italy; Mami Camilla is a great place to go.

Scott Rasmussen
2006 Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Chicago, IL

My time spent at Mami Camilla's was amazing. The skills and the recipes i learned while attending I still use today. When I got back to Texas I went to work in one of the top Italian restraunts in austin. After a few monthes there I got offered the job of manager of a gourmet sandwich shop. I have since moved on th GM and training manager for all stores in Texas. I would recomend Mami Camillas to anyone who wants to learn new skills, have a new expeiance, and take recipes and home with you that you will use the rest of your culinary career.

Lindsey Buchanan
2006 Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Chicago, IL

I miss Italy a lot and hope to some day come back and visit especially to Mami Camilla! Mami Camilla was beneficial to my career. I am currently working in downtown Atlanta, Ga. next to a Neopolitan Pizza chef (Antonio). We talk daily about Italy and also compare recipes we both brought from Italy. We recently just came up with a chocolate cannoli shell that will hopefully be put on the menu! When not at work I actually cook at home and will use the recipes that Biagio tought us, mostly pasta dishes. I would absolutely recommend the program to students who are willing to go that extra mile to learn a classical cooking style and even to non-students, just at home chefs, who are willing to learn something that pertains to classical Italian dishes. Well I do hope all is well with you and your family and I hope to one day return and visit you all!

Ben Dyer
2006 Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Atlanta, GA

Ciao everyone at Mami Camilla! I can't believe it has been 2 years since my stay in Italy. How is everyone? I miss you all and the weather and the food! I hope you remember me. My name is Brian and I stayed with you doing the cooking course for 3 months in the summer. I have exciting news. I am engaged to be married! I told my fiance that we must spend our honeymoon in Italy. I especially want to spend part of our honeymoon with you at Mami Camilla! I'm excited for all of you to meet her. We have dated for three years now and we teach swing dance classes together. She is also a school teacher. Since I have returned home I have become the chef of a small cafe. I make breakfast and lunch and the best tiramisu in Omaha! (thanks to Biagio :) We will be married on June 7, 2008. We hope to come see all of you after the wedding. Which room do you think would be the best for us newlyweds? Is June a good time to stay at Mami Camilla?

Say hello to everyone: Biagio, Camilla, Giuseppe, Augustino, Odilia, Julio, Laura, Palmira, Salvatore, Virginia, Nikki, Spike, and anyone else I forgot to mention.
Hope to hear from you soon,

Brian Langbehn
2005 Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Chicago, IL

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