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Neighborhood Night:
All you can pizza party at Mami Camilla from 8:00–10:00 pm.

Nowadays the word social night indicates time that neighbours spend together at a planned neighbours home and do something pleasant. Neighbourhood night was created many years ago as a way to make feel people comfortable at someone’s else house and to know each other better. Mami Camilla with its familiar environment, is a nice place which can easily reproduce a moment like a social dinner with people who can gather and enjoy a wonderful night.

On Monday the neighbourhood night can start with a soft drink in the big veranda in Mami Camilla just to start to socialize with other people sitting around tables and talking about different things. These social time is the best way to know something about others’ life. Organizing a social night, a so called neighbourhood night, is something special for us.

We can arrange it with all the passion we have. The better way to appreciate the artistic, cultural and gastronomic tradition of a place is to experience the local products and to learn more and more about its history. We decided to mix all these things together and give them to our clients on a day all dedicated to this social dinner and Pizza. The ritual of the pizza is an ordinary and ancient art for Neapolitan people and thanks to them the famous pizza is now well-known and appreciated all over the world.

The opportunity is perfect because so many families like the idea of a place where to go and share their opinions with other people. We offer a top dinner from 8.00 until 10.00 p.m. At our place you will have the possibility to taste all kinds of pizzas prepared by the chefs and pizza makers of Mami Camilla cooking school. Our school is also famous for its pizza, also the well-known Italian Pizza Courses made by chef Biagio and chef Agostino.

It will be also a good choice to contact your friends or relatives to ask them to come with you. In the meal composed of four courses you can have sparkling homemade red or white wine from the local farms in Sorrento.

The appetizer is based on all kinds of fresh vegetables.

The dessert which comes at the end of the meal is all kinds of torts and cakes with fruits, creams and ice-cream inside.

Contact us to book a table or seats at Mami Camilla.
Pizza party italy, Sorrento

Pizza party italy, Sorrento

Pizza party italy, Sorrento

Pizza party italy, Sorrento

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