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Top > 10 Good Reasons to choose Mami Camilla

10 Good Reasons to choose Mami Camilla

  1. Quality: Mami Camilla is a small, high-quality school dedicated to providing an outstanding study abroad experience in traditional regional culinary arts. The family takes great pride in providing students and guests with a comfortable place to stay and experience the culture of Naples/Sorrento. Whatever your needs or interests may be, we are willing to help make your vacation an experience to remember.

  2. Experience: It only took one evening to discover that eating dinner at Mami Camilla is a wonderful and unique experience. You not only have the pleasure of eating some of the finest Italian food each night, but you also have the opportunity to meet many fascinating guests from a variety of different countries.

  3. Availability to any different taste and request: Mami Camilla is very accommodating of different food preferences. When we have guests for dinner that are vegetarians or did not like fish we are very willing to prepare an extra dish to satisfy their individual needs.

  4. Class Facilities: The kitchen is a fully equipped gourmet Italian kitchen. It has a convection oven that is used for baking cakes, pies and all desserts. The industrial gas range along with its full assortment of top quality pans provides the ideal set-up for sauteing, frying etc. The huge marble table makes preparing pasta, pies, cakes, and cream fillings. Another large marble table is outside next to the brick oven. There is also an industrial size mixer where huge batches of dough for the pizzas, bread and pastries can be done. There is a restaurant grade industrial dishwasher that cleans and sanitizes a load of dishes in less than 3 minutes. The huge Expresso machine is absolutely fundamental for the real Neapolitan breakfast and for any cafe or tea break required.

  5. Teaching Methodology: Our prime chef often explains different variations for each of the recipes you cook so that you can adapt them to your own tastes and ingredients when you get home. The chef makes a point of explaining the importance of all the ingredients you use and what substitutions you could make if needed. Many years experience as a chef in various different countries makes him familiar with how ingredients vary from one location to another. You learn how to roll out different types of pasta dough, make mouth-watering raviolis, clean and chop ingredients, sauteing and frying techniques and various shortcuts to speed up preparation. You will be always cooking for a large group this way you will learn how to prepare the various different dishes in the most efficient ways possible.

  6. Small Class Size: Cooking classes begin in the late morning or afternoon to cook a different full 4 course meal every day, which is then served for lunch or dinner at Mami Camilla. The chef, provides each student with a book of recipes so that you can follow each day's menu and take notes and ask any questions that you may have. We always give the students the opportunity to have hands on experiences with every dish we make, that's why we limit our class size to no more than eight students, in order to maximize student participation.

  7. Family style B&B: You will be greeted at the gate and feel at home from the moment you arrive. Mami Camilla is a very comfortable, relaxing place to stay. You can have as much privacy as you like or if you prefer, you can socialize with the family and other guests until the wee hours of the morning. There are many different types of room available depending on your preferences. There are rooms with private baths as well as others with shared baths for those on a tighter budget. There is plenty of patio areas where you can relax and enjoy the sun and the scenery. With a quick 3 minute walk you are at the beach where you can enjoy an breathtaking view of the bay and go swimming at the public or private beach.

  8. Location: The location is ideal for many different day trips. With a 10 minute walk you can catch the local train and arrive at Pompeii or Herculaneum and Naples within 30 - 45 minutes. From B&B in Sorrento you can walk to downtown Sorrento, a very quaint little town, in 10 - 15 minutes. In Sorrento there are many wonderful restaurants and stores. Sorrento also has a ferry terminal where you can catch the ferry to numerous places such as the island of Capri, Ischia, Procida or the Amalfi Coast.

  9. Excursions: Our business organization propose exciting and interesting excursions that enable students and guest to learn more about the southern Italy history, culture and gourmet products, that make our region and country famous worldwide. Mami Camilla organize, visit to the archaeological sites (Pompeii or Herculaneum), pleasure trip by boat around Capri and the Amalfi coast, journey expedition to demonstrate and taste the olive oil and cheese fresh cheese, wine tasting, tomato and limoncello artisan products and more.

  10. Different choice: flexible and dynamic enterprise to meet the needs, expectations and budgets of our students and guests. We offer a wide range of courses. We provide daily classes, individual or in group, up to three different cooking programs (13-20-30 hours weekly) and three different thematic special program (Neapolitan Pizza; Pasta; Patisserie ) which length is from a minimum of one week to maximum two months with the possibility to proceed in an externship program to one of our affiliate restaurant or hotel or bakery shops. We provide three different packages "all inclusive cooking holiday" as well we serve all our services separately.

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